Hair Transplants

Hair loss can have a dramatic effect on a person’s self-esteem and can make social interaction a difficult situation for many. is an online resource where people can come to learn about hair loss and hair transplant surgery, and the important elements that play a part in this process as well as giving you a direct link to some of the most experienced hair transplant surgery clinicians in the country. In order to make sure that you are 100% sure about going ahead with hair transplant surgery we provide concise and detailed information about important matters such as the range of hair transplant treatments available, the numerous causes of hair loss, a detailed analysis of the actual procedure, and mounds of other key information that should play a major role in your decision.

What causes hair loss?

Both men and women can be affected by hair loss and there are many reasons for why this may occur. The ins and outs of such causes will be explored in greater detail within our guide, but generally causes can include hormonal imbalances, stress related issues and as a side-effect of some diseases, amongst other causes. Many do not realise that hair loss is something that can affect women as well as men but it can be a major problem for many. Through our extensive and informative guide we aim to provide helpful advice about the possible causes for both women and men, in order to assist you in choosing the correct hair transplant treatment for your particular condition.

Is hair transplant surgery safe?

Before you are even able to go ahead with hair transplant surgery you will need to find out whether or not you are suitable for treatment. In some cases, hair loss will rectify itself by way of healthy lifestyle choices while it is sadly the case that women are more unlikely to be suitable for treatment. These are issues that will of course need to be explored as you make the most of our guide. Hair transplant surgery is a completely safe procedure as long as it is carried out by a qualified and experienced practitioner. There will be some scarring as a result of the treatment but this is relatively unnoticeable and the surgery will only cause mild discomfort. But for life changing results we believe that mild discomfort is more than bearable.

Hair transplant surgery can make a difference to more than your scalp

From its humble beginnings in Japan in the 1930’s hair transplant surgery has come a long way, and it is now able to correct hair loss for more than the scalp. Now, for all those who feel like their eyelashes are too small or their eyebrows too thin, or even for those who wish for a manly beard, hair transplant surgery can be your miracle cure. If such matters are bringing you down then we hope to provide you with detailed information that will assist you in making an informed decision about treatment, whether you choose to go ahead with hair transplant surgery or not.